Realtime T for Android

Realtime T for Android tracks the location of Boston's MBTA subway trains in real time, providing you with down-to-the-minute predictions of when the next Red, Orange, or Blue Line train will arrive at your station. Don't leave for the T until you have to - and enjoy the feeling of walking down to the platform right as the train is arriving!

The application also includes a list of when the first and last trains leave, so you don't get stuck in Boston without a ride.

Realtime T is available in the Android Market for $2.99. Just search for Realtime T in the Market. If you have any questions or problems with your purchase, feel free to email me at Remember, the Android Market allows you to "return" the app within 24 hours - so try it out!

Where's the Green Line?
Unfortunately, Green Line trains do not have realtime tracking equipment onboard. This is why you do not hear announcements in Green Line stations about trains approaching and arriving like you do on the other lines, and is also why Realtime T is unable to predict when they will arrive. The MBTA has stated that it is working on adding the technology, and though it may take several years for them to do so, we will support it when it becomes available.

How do the predictions work?
Sensors placed along the tracks can detect passing trains, providing Realtime T with train location data via the Internet. It's the same data used to activate the "next train is approaching" announcements you hear at most stations. Arrival predictions are made by using the train's current location, known transit times between stations, and the expected duration of each stop based on past trips.

This FAQ didn't answer my question.
Sorry, we're still working on making this section more useful. In the meantime, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions.